Is your air conditioner leaking water?

Call (619)562-3800 for 24/7 emergency service to schedule an experienced technician out to your home for a FREE water damage inspection.

With this San Diego heat, everyone is cranking up their air conditioner. Have you noticed your air conditioner leaking water? Dripping water from your air conditioner can saturate surrounding materials and possibly lead to mold.


Air Conditioner Leaking Water or Repair Signs:

  1. Low or Poor Air Flow

    This may be a sign that your ducts may need cleaning. This could also be a sign that your ducts are in need of repair.

  2. No Cool Air

    No cool air might be a sign that your unit may be in need of serious repair or low Freon levels.

  3. Loud or Strange Noises

    Loud or strange noises from your unit may be signaling that parts of your unit needs lubrication or repair. Don’t wait too long or it might be too late to save your unit!

  4. Foul or Weird Smell

    If your unit starts to smell, it could be the next step of your strange noises. Something may have burned out! A musty smell could be the result of mold from some type of moisture caused by a failure in your unit.

  5. Moisture or Obvious Leaks from Your Unit

    Your air conditioner leaking water could potentially lead to mold. You will want to get this fixed as soon as possible! Call our team at (619)562-3800 to schedule a FREE water damage inspection. our team will:

    • Answer your call 24/7 and provide 24/7 service for water damage emergencies.
    • Meet you at your home with proper equipment to assess the damage. Sometimes slow leaks/dripping water can saturate materials of your home that are not visible to the naked eye.
    • Our technicians will explain to you what was found and provide proper recommendations.
    • If the water damage has saturated a significant area, they will most likely recommend leaving equipment to dry the affected areas of your home to prevent the growth of mold, if mold does not already exist.
    • We work and can bill your insurance directly. Having operated for over 30 years we have worked with several and have received approval from several insurance companies. We work close with the adjuster to provide proper documentation and get your home back to normal ASAP!


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