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Kitchen Flood

Refrigerator Flood

  • Drain Lines

Refrigerators need to produce a cold environment, which leads to an excess of moisture. This excess moisture might lead down to the bottom of your fridge and may be stored in a drain line. These drain lines could become plugged if left unclean. If they do plug up, this can possibly lead to fluid spilling over onto your kitchen floor and next thing you know, you’re waking up to a kitchen flood!

  • Ice Maker

In addition, the supply lines for ice makers can be another culprit. The supply line may slip or leak, causing water to drip all over your kitchen floor!

Luckily, in most cases, these types of floods are a category 1 which means they consist of clean water.

Sink Flood

  • Overflow

One minute you’re washing the dishes, then the door bell rings and you’re chasing the kids around the house. The next thing you know some time has passed and you walk back in to a kitchen flood!

  • Valve

  • Garbage Disposal Leaking

Slab Leak

Some people have noticed warm spots in certain areas of their home. This can happen in your kitchen. This could be a possible slab leak. Give us a call at (619)562-3800 should you suspect a slab leak in order to get leak detection at your home. If you do have a slab leak issue and you let it persist, this can cause major damage to your home, resulting in higher and higher costs!


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