Water Damage San Diego-Is your San Diego home currently experiencing water damage? For emergency 24 hour service, call our local and live team at (619)562-3800 .

If you are experiencing a water damage San Diego emergency, give our team a call at (619)562-3800 .

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Leaving water damage untreated can result in mold growth. Mold growth can begin to grow on damp or wet surfaces as soon as 24-48 hours. At Flood Busters, we understand that a flood can occur at any moments notice. Give us a call at (619)562-3800 to receive LIVE and LOCAL service from our team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Mold can be hidden and growing behind your walls.


Water Damage San Diego: Technician Arrival

When your San Diego water damage technician arrives, give them a brief description of the damage in your home. Correspondingly, our technician will give you a run down of the water damage cleanup. However, a licensed plumber may be necessary to locate the water leak or source of water damage. Our goal is to keep you informed and provide you with the best of customer service.

DO NOT: Do not try to extract water with a household vacuum cleaner. Crews will arrive with the proper water damage equipment. Also, avoid using televisions, lamps or any electrical equipment while standing on wet floors, especially concrete.


Water Damage San Diego:

The Dry Out Process

Your technician will begin setting up equipment as soon as he assesses the water damage in order to prevent any further damage. He will take moisture readings of the affected area and its’ surroundings to ensure proper dry out for your residence or business. The number of equipment and type of equipment he or she drops depends on the area(s), size of the areas affected and types of material that the water may have come in to contact with. Another important factor is the category of water that has affected your San Diego home or business.


Water Damage San Diego:


Technicians will typically leave the equipment running over night to see if the material can be dried out. They will take moisture readings the following day. If any material is still saturated, the technicians will be able to determine what needs removal. It is important to remove any saturated material in order to prevent the growth of mold. Demo is not necessary for all water damage cases but it is important to be aware.


Water Damage San Diego:

Second Day Dry Out

Demo can also ensure proper dry out. It will allow clean air to move in to areas that were once inaccessible.


Water Damage San Diego:


You might suspect that you have mold in your home. Some symptoms, according to the CDC, can include:

-nasal stuffiness

-eye irritation


-skin irritation


-shortness of breath


Water Damage San Diego:

Mold Removal

Mold Removal from Drywall.

It is best to contact a professional for mold removal. You might notice mold on your drywall and “clean it up.” However, you may not be removing the root of the problem and continuing to expose your family.


Mold Removal from Inside Walls.

Similar to removing mold from drywall, it is best to call a trained professional. Most likely, some areas of drywall will need cuts in order to access mold. You will not want to make unnecessary cuts throughout your home.


Water Damage San Diego:

Flood Repair San Diego & Home Water Damage Repair San Diego

Home water damage repair would follow in order to get your home back in order. The length of flood restoration services depends on the areas and types of areas affected. Materials could be another factor that often affect the timeline of build back services.


Water Damage San Diego:

Dealing With Insurance?

Did you know that water damage in your home can likely have insurance coverage? Your potential out of pocket expense may only be your deductible, including water clean up, extraction, demolition, and build back! If you have difficult reading through your policy or have any questions, give our local office a call at (619)562-3800 .

Throughout the water removal, dry out and cleanup process, our teams will record documentation of the incident, including photos and moisture readings.

Once the work is complete, we will use the same billing program as your insurance company to create an estimate. We will keep in contact with your insurance company and inform you once the adjuster has given us a complete approved billing amount. We will inform you of the amount and when the insurance company is sending payment.


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If you have flooding or water damage in your home and live in San Diego County (We cover as far South as San Ysidro, National City, and Chula Vista and as far North as San Clemente, Temecula, Carlsbad, Vista, Poway, Valley Center and Fallbrook. We also cover the coastal communities, Imperial Beach, Mission Beach, Coronado, Solana Beach, Mission Beach, Del Mar, and Coronado to El Cajon, San Carlos, Lakeside and Alpine.) call Flood Busters  (619)562-3800 today. Think you are outside of the zone or just looking for information, do not hesitate to give us a call! We are a 24/7 emergency service and are waiting for your call. Lastly, if you are looking for water damage restoration or repair companies, make sure they are registered with the California State License Board and have a valid license.

Should you have a flood or water damage in your San Diego home remember, Flood Busters® knows what to do- We Ain’t Afraid of No Flood®!

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