Sources of Water Damage in San Diego Homes

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Sources of Water Damage


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Water Heater

water damage in water heater tank garage

Water heaters are a common source of water damage. You may have a slow leak that might go undetected. In this case you may notice a spike in your water bill, as the tank is constantly trying to refill. A larger water heater burst is often more noticeable. The water from a water heater burst is usually category 1.


Insurance Coverage: Your insurance company might not cover the water heater tank however; depending on your coverage your insurance might cover the damage from the flood. Check your coverage policy for details. Need help understanding your policy? Call Flood Busters (619)562-3800. Our team will gladly assist you with any questions you might have regarding your insurance policy. Furthermore, we also recommend checking to see if your water heater is under warranty.


Busted/Leaky Pipes

Slab Leak

water damage in bedroomMoreover, a slab leak could potentially cause water damage in your home. A slab leak is a leak in a pipe running within or below the concrete in your home. These types of leaks are typically a result of corrosion. Water might be trapped under your carpet which overtime can cause a fowl odor. Not to mention, if you have hardwood floors, they might start to buckle from the water trapped below. Typically the water is classified as clean water if it is within the concrete of your home. However, there are cases where mud might come up if the leaky or corroded pipes are below the concrete of your home.


Insurance Coverage: Most slab leaks will be covered by your insurance company. Call our team at (619)562-3800 and we can assist you with looking at your insurance policy to see what might by covered.



Leaky Pipes

Water Damage from Broken PipeAdditionally, pipes within your home may have holes that are undetected. Worn hoses on your pipes or weak fittings can also be a result of the leak or water damage. Not to mention, slower water leaks as such may be difficult to detect. You may start to notice bubbling or water spots on your walls in the affected area. Similarly, leaky pressurized pipes and corroded, damaged pipes can also be major culprits.


Insurance Coverage: The dry out and water restoration is typically covered by your insurance company for this type of water claim.


Appliance Malfunctions

Water Damage from FridgeWashing Machines

A flood from your washing machine may be the result of the water supply line or a leak from the appliance itself.

Ice makers

A flood from your ice maker may be the result of the water supply line or a leak from the appliance itself. The icemaker may overflow too.


In the same fashion, a flood from your dishwasher may be the result of the water supply line or a leak from the appliance itself. An issue could arise within the appliance, causing your dishwasher to overflow.


Likewise, a flood from your refrigerator may be the result of the water supply line or a leak from the appliance itself.

Insurance Coverage: Insurance typically covers these types of water damage claims. Contact Flood Busters at (619)562-3800 and we can assist you with your claim.


Tree Roots Growing into Sewer Line

Water Damage from Pipe BlockageNot only can leaks in pipes cause water damage but also tree roots growing in to your sewer line. This issue is often difficult to detect until the problem is too late. You may notice a backup in your house. Call a dry out company immediately before the problem worsens. At Flood Busters, we have a sixty-minute, same day response time to help you get things back in order as soon as possible.


Insurance Coverage: This issue is often difficult to determine whether there will be coverage. However, it is important to fix this issue. Call Flood Busters at (619)562-3800. We can send out an experienced technician who can take a lot at your policy with you and discuss your options.


Backed Up Septic Tank

Flooding Water DamageAdditionally, a backed up septic tank may result in water damage. A nasty odor, water on the exterior portion of your property, or slow drainage may be some of the signs of a backed up septic tank. Not to mention, a sewage backup is unsanitary and may be a health hazard. If you come across a sewage backup, this is category 3 water damage and an experienced water damage restoration company should be called immediately.


Insurance Coverage: Call our team at Flood Busters (619)562-3800 immediately to assist you with this type of water claim. This is CATEGORY 3 water damage which means bacteria and pathogens are most likely present that can cause health hazards.


Backed Up Sink/Tub/Toilet (Toilet Overflow)

Toilet Flood Water Damage in BathroomMoreover, if your sink, tub or toilet is backing up, the water is unable to drain, there might be a blockage. The sink, tub and toilet might all link together into a larger waste line, which means if your sink or tub is overflowing, contaminants from your toilet may be present.


Insurance Coverage: Our team works a lot with these types of water claims. Generally speaking, most insurance companies cover these types of water damage claims. Give our team a call at (619)562-3800 and we will send an expert out to help assist with the problem and walk you through your insurance claim.


Water Run Off from Outside

Furthermore, water run off from outside may enter your home through a door way or other opening such as a window. Some examples include, but are not limited to:

Fire Hydrant

Uniquely, there have been instances in which the run off from a fire hydrant has infiltrated a home. Due to all of the contaminants the water has come in to contact prior to entering your home, the water damage could be classified as category 3. The water could contain bacteria or pathogens that could make you and your family ill.

Insurance Coverage: There are a number of ways you may be able to receive coverage, depending on how the water came from the fire hydrant. Call our water damage team at (619)562-3800 and let us know your situation.

There may be a storm that will result in water build up around your property. The water may enter through a door or opening. Wind driven rain can enter your home through a window and cause water damage to the interior of your home too.


Insurance Coverage: Possible limitations from your insurance company. Call our team at (619)562-3800 to review your policy and discuss your options.


Damaged Roof

Cracks in the roof can also allow rain and moisture to drip in to the house.

Insurance Coverage: Possible limitations from your insurance company. Call our team at (619)562-3800 to review your policy and discuss your options.




All things considered, every situation is different and we are here to help you situate the questions you may have. We can help you file your claim and assist you through the water damage restoration process. We are emergency responders and are here to answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have flooding or water damage in your home and live in San Diego County (We cover as far South as San Ysidro, Otay Ranch, and Coronado and as far North as San Clemente, Temecula, Carlsbad, Vista, Poway, Valley Center and Fallbrook. We also cover the coastal communities, La Jolla, Pacific Beach, Ocean Beach, Solana Beach, Mission Beach, Del Mar, and Coronado to El Cajon, Santee, Lakeside and Alpine.) call Flood Busters  (619)562-3800 today. Think you are outside of the zone or just looking for information, do not hesitate to give us a call! We are a 24/7 emergency service and are waiting for your call. Lastly, if you are looking for water damage restoration or repair companies, make sure they are registered with the California State License Board and have a valid license.

In any event, should you have a flood or water damage in your San Diego home remember, Flood Busters® knows what to do- We Ain’t Afraid of No Flood®!

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