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Finding a water leak can be difficult and left best to the professionals. Locating the direct source of a water leak is important. You do not want to think you have found the leak, repair the water damage, only to wake up to additional water damage a few days later.

If you think you have a water leak in your San Diego home, call our team of professionals at (619)562-3800 today!

If you suspect you have a water leak but cannot visibly locate water, our team of experts has specialized equipment to determine if areas such as under the floor or behind walls are wet.

Sources of Water Leak

Dry out from Water Pipe; water leakShould you think believe there is a water leak in your home, there can be a number of culprits.

First, water heaters may have a leak. A common source is from the temperature and pressure relief valve.

Another source of water leakage could come from your toilet. A clogged drain, or other reasons, may cause a toilet to overflow. Your toilet may also leak from the tank or base.

A worn out rubber wash may cause your shower head to leak. Since your shower head is located above your bathtub or shower there may be little to no water damage to your home. However, it may be an issue you would still like to address.

Similar to toilets and a shower head, sinks may also have a leak that can be solved with a quick solution.

Broken or leaky pipes may also be a cause of water leaks within your home.

How to Find a Water Leak Inside a Wall

Trying to locate a water leak within a wall will most likely require the cutting of drywall. If you are inexperienced or unsure of where the leak’s exact location is, it might be best to leave this to a professional plumber or dry out company. A DIY leak location may result in excessive drywall cuts throughout your home. A leak within your walls may be the result of a broken or slow leaking pipe.

Water Leaks in a House Ceiling

Discoloration on your ceiling may be a sign of a leak. Your roof may have cracked tiles that are allowing moisture into your home. You may have a two story home and have a leaky sink or toilet in the upstairs bathroom causing a leak in your ceiling on the first floor.

How to Find a Water Leak Under a Concrete Floor

You may notice water or damp spots on your floor, which may signal you to believe that you have a water leak under your slab. The main culprit may be a water or sewer line. With hot water lines, you may start to notice warmer areas on your floor. If you are absolutely sure that there is a leak, you might want to call a local plumber. They will have to gain access.

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