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Water Damage To Your Home: Ceilings

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Water Damage To Your Home: Wet Ceilings

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How to Tell If Ceiling Drywall Has Water Damage

Water Damage RestorationWet ceilings and water damage to your home can be a concern for many homeowners. A minor to a major leak might result in a lot of damage. Water coming down from the ceiling is an obvious sign that your ceiling has water damage . However, some less obvious signs that your ceiling has water damage or a water leak might include spots a water spot on your ceiling. After some time with water damage to your home, you may notice a brownish colored “stain” around the affected area. In the event that you can safely access the roof, you may notice water spots or missing shingles. Bubbling or cracking paint may also signal that water damage or a leak exists in your home. Should you have an attic with exposed beams, you might notice rotting wood. You may notice that the ceiling appears to be sagging or caving in.


If Ceiling Drywall Gets Wet, Is It Ruined?

Unfortunately, if you have water damage to your home and drywall is saturated with water and you let the problem sit, mold may start to grow. If not treated, the mold can continue to grow. However, if a portion of your ceiling is wet or even contains mold, the affected areas might need to be cut out, especially if it was a category 2 or category 3 water loss. Furthermore, your contractor might remove wet construction materials to allow drying of the structural components (subfloors, beams, etc.)


Drying Wet Ceiling Drywall After Water Damage

When you notice you have water damage to your home, it is best to call an emergency service water removal company. They can bring out special drying equipment to help you with your wet ceilings. In some cases, depending on the category and the amount of water damage to your home, drying out the affected area may fix the issue. However, in many cases removal of the wet area, for the safety of your home and family, might need to occur. Ceilings that are sagging or caving in will most likely need removal.

Wet Ceiling Fans

Do not try to operate ceiling fans in areas with water damage in your home

Wet Ceiling Drywall

Removal of wet ceiling drywall depends on the category or amount of water.

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